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Smallville: Season 11 is out in print today! The second print issue includes the three digital chapters that were released as digital downloads the past three Fridays. The issue will cost $3.99 US. To purchase a copy, you will either need to find a local comic book shop (LCS) or subscribe to print versions. Diamond Comic Distributors uses orders not sales to rate comics, so make sure to put Smallville: Season 11 on your pull list/subscription. You can start a subscription at DC Comics, Comixology, Lone Star, or Midtown Comics. Please support Lois and Clark by getting a hard copy of Smallville: Season 11 today. Thank you!

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It’s Smallville Season 11 Friday!


After a few weeks off there is a new digital issue of Smallville Season 11 for you to download. Here’s the cover by Cat Staggs:

And here’s a peek inside courtesy of Comixology.

I couldn’t confirm that DC was promoting this issue. I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t. The digital issues were top sellers and Rood and Wayne implied the floppy sales were good as well.

Oh well, I’m sure it will show up somewhere. 

Remember just $.99 for a great story. Buy it for a good read or buy it to tell DC you like Lois and Clark together because they won’t be in the new 52 anytime. I’ll have another post about that later today. Exercise your side eyes, face palms and eyebrows you’ll need it …

This is definitely one for the buy pile if you’re a Lois fan! Head here to purchase it from comixology.

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Smallville Season 11 issue #1 comes out in print today!

The continuation of Smallville’s story into the flights and tights years has been wonderful to read online thus far, and today it comes to print! Bryan Q. Miller is a writer who has repeatedly spoken of his love for Lois, but more importantly, he’s demonstrated that love, on the show and in this comic. This book is an absolute pleasure for any fan of Lois Lane, and for any fan of Superman, Clark Kent, or Smallville, too. Please support this book! Use your spending power to tell DC that Superman doesn’t have to be isolated from his love, his family or his city to be entertaining, and that we want stories that respect Lois’ importance in the narrative.

And once you pick it up, check out DC Women Kicking Ass’ contest. Just take a picture of your copy of the book and send it in, and you could win signed copies of issues #1 and #2, as well as a print of the digital cover by Cat Staggs!

Never bought a comic before? No problem! You can find the nearest comic store near you by using the Comic Shop Locator. If there’s no shop near you, or you can’t get to one, why not order online? You can order it at Midtown Comics here, and there are several other ways to find comics online, such as mycomicshop.com or Amazon. 

Buy this comic! It gets a 5 out of 5 stars approval rating from the Lois fans here; I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

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