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More info on Lois’ new job

The Source has posted a press release about the Superman books that includes some more information on Lois’ role in the rebooted universe. While the preview pages for Superman #1 seemed to imply that Lois would be a tv newsanchor, that’s not quite the case; rather, she’s now in charge of the Daily Planet’s TV and New media department. An excerpt from the press release follows:

Clark Kent is a bachelor, Lois Lane is dating a hunky new co-worker and the sky’s the limit for her career as the new boss of the Daily Planet’s TV and New media department. The Daily Planet is under new ownership, as the paper has been purchased by a global media conglomerate. Looks like things in Metropolis just got a whole lot more interesting, as Superman news continues to turn heads at Comic-Con 2011.

“A lot of the buzz we’ve seen in the press and online has been Superman-focused,” said Jim Lee, Co-Publisher at DC Entertainment. “We’re really excited for fans to see this take on Lois in September. This character has always been a successful modern woman and her new role at the DAILY PLANET opens up dramatic new story possibilities.”

(more here)

In my opinion, this makes her career change even worse than we thought, as it combines the problems of making Lois Lane editor-in-chief with some of the problems of her being a newsanchor. In any case, I don’t see how this can be anything but a narrative demotion.

The SDCC Superman panel is at 3 pm PST this afternoon. Hopefully, we’ll get more news about Lois then. If anyone reading this is at the con, please consider getting in line and asking a question about Lois and why they’re removing her narrative importance in favor of cliches.

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