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ivitor asked: Hello, people! Im from Brazil and I love your site. The Lois Lane Verse it very, very nice! But, feel miss of update of content. Please, post things new about Lois Lane.

I’m very sorry we’ve been so very quiet the past couple months! I’m afraid I can’t promise that will change. You see, it’s pretty much just me, snappilier, who has been running this blog the past year and a half or so, and I just started grad school at the University of Michigan. This is awesome for me, but not so awesome for my free time, and consequentially, this blog. Grad school is MAD time consuming.

My Lois-love is still off the charts, and I will try to get this going again, but in the interim, consider following fuckyeahlois. They update way more frequently than I do, and all the ladies involved are awesome.

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Smallville: Season 11 is out in print today! The third print issue includes the three digital chapters that were released as digital downloads the past three Fridays. The issue will cost $3.99 US. To purchase a copy, you will either need to find a local comic book shop (LCS) or subscribe to print versions. Diamond Comic Distributors uses orders not sales to rate comics, so make sure to put Smallville: Season 11 on your pull list/subscription. You can start a subscription at DC Comics, Comixology, Lone Star, or Midtown Comics. Please support Lois and Clark by getting a hard copy of Smallville: Season 11 as soon as you can. Thank you!

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The Revolution Will Not Be Digital (Only), an interview with Corrina Lawson



Corrina Lawson is a journalist-turned-blogger who’s written extensively about comics and the comics industry. She’s a contributor to GeekDad and Sequential Tart, and a senior editor of GeekMom. Corrina is also a fiction writer, and has just had her first comic book story published by Greyhaven Comics.

We talked about her writing and blogging, women’s spaces in the geekosphere, and about the future of the comics industry.

Here’s an excerpt:

One of the things I’ve noticed on the internet is that while men tend to talk to each other about stuff and keep it there, women build communities. They connect, they react out to each other emotionally, they build friendships and support each other. I was a weird kid in high school. I was a geek before it was cool and I was a girl who was a geek. Doubly problematic. It wasn’t until the internet that I found other groups of women who shared my interests, in writing or in comics or geeky pop culture. The moment when I realized that there were others like me out there and they were as glad to meet me as I was glad to meet them…it was huge for me.

All women may not need this but I think a great number of us feel the need to spend time with people who speak the same language, whatever that may be. I’ve found the best female friends in my life through the internet.

Read more.

Our first WWAC interview! There are lots more (seriously, LOTS MORE) coming.

A fantastic interview, well worth the read!

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